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January 29, 2016

Youth Advisory Council Grant Training
The Youth Advisory Council will be meeting all day tomorrow for training from the American Lung Association as a part of their grant award through the Youth Tobacco Elimination Project. 

Youth Advisory Council Meeting
The Cottage Grove Youth Advisory Council will be holding their regular meeting on Monday, February 1st from 6:15 to 7:30 pm. 

Live Healthy Lane: Defining our Future
Registration is now open for the Live Healthy Lane: Defining our Future community event on Wednesday, February 10th from 5:30 to 8:00pm(video about the event).  Be sure to register at This free community event (with light dinner provided) will be simultaneously held in Eugene, Cottage Grove, and Florence.  Results of the Community Health Needs Assessment will be shared and attendees will vote on the focus for the next Community Health Improvement Plan.

Webinar CIS
City staff attended a webinar held by City/County Insurance Services that reviewed the top 5 resolutions for local governments related to personnel management for 2016.  The top resolutions included making updates to existing personnel forms and processes to reflect State Law changes. 

LCOG Budget Committee
Lane Council of Governments (LCOG) is seeking applicants for the LCOG Budget Committee.   Applications are available on the LCOG website at under “Opportunities to Serve”.   The City of Cottage Grove is a member of the LCOG and would encourage anyone in the community that is interested submit and application. 

Turf Management Seminar
On Wednesday of this week, six Middlefield Golf Course, Parks, and Row River Trail maintenance employees attended the annual Sports Turf Management Seminar at the Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro.  Seminar content ranged from water and nutrient efficiency to tree and shrub pests of the Pacific Northwest.  The seminar was sponsored by Target Specialty Products.

Water Main Break

At approximately 4:25 pm on Tuesday, January 26th, Public Works responded to a major water line break at “K” Street and Ash Avenue.  Approximately 100,000 gallons of water was lost due to the main line break and a peak flow of approximately 4,600 gallons per minute was experienced.  About 13 minutes passed from the time the leak was discovered to the time the line was shut down and isolated for repairs.  The Public Works crew discovered a 9” by 4” hole in the bottom of the pipe.  This particular water line is a 6” cast iron pipe that dates from the early 1960’s.  Temporary repairs were completed by 7:00pm Tuesday night and the complete repair was finished by 11:30am Wednesday morning.

Why Cottage Grove is not Like Flint
You have no doubt seen and heard a great deal of coverage in the news lately concerning the water crisis in Flint, Michigan caused by lead in the water system.  Housing in Flint is of an age where there are numerous service lines that may be made of lead.  This was done originally because lead pipe is very flexible and lasts virtually forever.  However, there needs to be an active corrosion control program constantly in-place to keep the lead from corroding and mixing with the water. 

In Cottage Grove, we have no lead service lines.  The only threat to our customers from lead in the City’s drinking water is from older brass plumbing fixtures and/or faucets and also, from the use of leaded solder that was used to join together copper pipes within a home’s internal plumbing system.  This leaded solder threat is limited to homes that were constructed after 1982 and up to the time when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) outlawed the use of leaded solder beginning in 1986.  Homes that were constructed during this time period could have leaded solder in the internal copper plumbing system.  Cottage Grove staff has identified 25 homes within the City that were built during this time period and, several others that were built around this time period. 

To control the possibility of lead mixing with the water, the water production staff maintains an active corrosion control program, which keeps the pH of the drinking water above 7 but below 9.  This keeps the water from corroding lead from the leaded solder and allowing it to mix with the water.  In addition, water production staff is required by EPA to collect a water sample from at least 20 houses built during this time period and test for the presence of lead and copper in the water; currently every three years.  Homeowners are instructed and encouraged to run their water until it is very cold before drinking or cooking with the water.  The problem with lead occurs when water sits in contact with the leaded solder for long periods of time.  In any circumstance, it is generally a good practice before drinking or cooking with the water for everyone to run their water for thirty seconds to one minute when the water has been sitting in the pipes for several hours and, up to two minutes if the water has not been used for a few days or more.

The City of Cottage Grove also has a few older water mains (1940’s – 1950’s) that have leaded joints.  However, the water moving in the mains does not come in direct contact with the leaded joints.  These leaded joints are replaced as they are uncovered as part of on-going maintenance and replacement efforts.  The City of Cottage Grove Water Department takes the safety of consumer’s water very seriously.  Each year, the City publishes a Consumer Confidence Report that details the operation of the water department and lists test results for known contaminants.  You can view the Consumer Confidence Report on the City’s web page at or, call (541) 942-3349 and one will be mailed to you.  Another good source of information for water consumers can also be found at www.drink 

Kindergarten Backhoe Demonstration
On Thursday of last week, City Utilities Employee, Rob Winters provided a backhoe demonstration for kindergarten children at Oak Park Christian School as part of the school’s career day.  The teachers and students sent Rob a very nice thank you card, a picture of which can be seen below.

Police Department Training
Officers Matt Walker and Jarrod Butler attended an all-day training on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 on verbal excellence. The scope of the training was focusing on communication skills for dealing with difficult or violent people and situations, as well as tools to help build rapport with citizens.

Mid-Willamette Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Summit
On January 26, 2016, the 5th Annual Mid-Willamette Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Summit was held in Keizer, Oregon. City Engineer Ron Bradsby, Engineering Assistant Sue Haley, and City Planner Amanda Ferguson attended the 7 hour training, hosted by the Mid-Willamette Outreach Group. Presentations included detailed evaluations of Integrated Stormwater programs, construction erosion certification requirements, and Low Impact Development, as well as industry specific presentations on compost berms, modular culvert systems, retrofitting detention basins, and hydro seeding and seed mixes.

Smithsonian Human Origins Coming Soon
The Cottage Grove Public Library is excited to be hosting the Smithsonian Institution Human Origins traveling exhibit. Opening events are February 17th and 18th with Smithsonian Scientists. The exhibit will be at our Library from February 17 to March 12, 2016.  Please visit the Library web site, for the schedule of nine public events associated with the exhibit.

Lego Club
Wednesday, February 3rd is Lego Club Day at the Cottage Grove Public Library. It’s always on the 1st Wednesday of the month and is great fun for kids ages 5 to 12.  Bring a friend and come join us for Lego Fun at the Cottage Grove Public Library.
State Books are Here
The new Children’s State Book fundraiser was a great success at the Cottage Grove Public Library.  A huge thank you to everyone who helped by purchasing a State Book. The entire collection of new State Books is now on display at the Library and ready for check out, so please visit the Library soon to check out your favorite State Book.

Small Cities Local Budget Law Workshop
On January 26th, the Finance Director and Accounting Tech attended a Budget Construction Workshop intended for budget officers and budget preparers for small cities. The workshop covered general budget concepts including budget terminology, estimating resources, organization of the budget document, and budget forms and detail level.  

In addition, the Oregon Department of Revenue is also holding a basic local budget law workshop on February 18th at Lane Community College from 9:00am to 3:30pm for governing body members, budget committee members, finance directors, administrators, and budget officers who participate in the budget process. The course covers local budget law basics and state property tax laws related to preparing local government budgets. Registration is not required.  If anyone is interested in attending, please contact Finance Director Bert Olsen, to coordinate transportation. 

Quote of the Week
    “Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.”
                    ~Pope John Paul II~

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