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October 17, 2014

Youth Advisory Council
The Cottage Grove Youth Advisory Council will be meeting on Monday, October 20th from 6:15 to 7:30 at City Hall.  Any middle or high school aged youth in the community are invited to join the YAC and are invited to attend to learn more about the YAC.  Applications for the 2014-2015 YAC are available on the City’s webpage at:

And We Have a Winner - Congratulations Councilor Boone
Councilor Boone attended the Oregon League of Cities Conference in September and participated in the Trade Show Scavenger Hunt.   The scavenger hunt involved visiting the various displays at the conference that highlighted programs and services that are available to local governments during free time between conference sessions.  As a result of his efforts he won a $50 training credit for the City from the League of Oregon Cities that can be used on training programs from the League of Cities.  By the way, Mayor Munroe, Councilors Burback, Murphy, Price and the City Manager also attended the Conference but did not win anything.  

Ribbon Cutting
The Cottage Gove Museum Board will be holding a ribbon cutting at their new museum offices in the Veley House, 207 H Street, on Wednesday, October 22nd at noon.  If you plan to attend the ribbon cutting and the light lunch following, please RSVP to Sally Langham at (541)731-1437.

Community Foundation Annual Dinner
The Mayor, Councilor Price and the City Manager attended the Cottage Grove Community Foundation Dinner.  The dinner event provides an opportunity for the Community Foundation Board to report on foundation activities to their member organizations, donors and other interested community members.   In 2014, the Cottage Grove Community Foundation awarded 15 Community Grants for a total of $13,960.  The Margaret Mae Anibal Mentoring awarded $33,031 in grant funding.  The Community Foundation has the goal to provide a scholarship to every student continuing education beyond Cottage Grove High School and Kennedy Alternative School.  In 2014, 75 scholarships were awarded for a total of $87,920.  Fifty-three of the scholarships were to Cottage Grove graduates this year and twenty-two of the scholarships went for renewable scholarships to former Cottage Grove students continuing their education. 

The dinner raised over $7,465 dollars for the foundation.  For more information about the Cottage Grove Community Foundation, to learn about the great programs that can give back to the community, or to donate to the foundation visit their website at:

Homecoming Parade
It is already that time of year, the Cottage Grove High School Homecoming Parade will be held on Friday, October 24th beginning at 2:00 pm.  The parade begins at the High School and makes its way down River Road to Main Street and then to the intersection of 7th and Main where they hold a rally.  Everyone is invited to come downtown and celebrate this annual tradition and cheer on the Cottage Grove Lions. 
Tidied Up the Town
Thank you to everyone who came downtown this morning and braved the light rain to work alongside Mayor Munroe to tidy up downtown.  If you missed the opportunity, watch for the next “Tidy up the Town with Tom” event in the Spring.  Tidy up the Town is sponsored in partnership with the City, Cottage Grove Main Street, Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce and the Economic & Business Improvement Districts.

Halloween Decorations at City Hall
We would like to thank Darlene Burback and Kimberly Burback-Glenn for decorating the foyer at City Hall. If you haven’t been in to see our spooky decorations, make sure you get in before the Halloween season ends and the ghouls go home.

Clarifier Repair Underway
This week, Brown Contracting began work on the repair of the older clarifier at the Wastewater Treatment Plant that had recently experienced a structural failure.  It is anticipated that the repair work will be complete by the end of October.

National Chapter Delegates Meeting
This week, Middlefield Golf Course Superintendent, Kris Ammerman attended the Golf Course Superintendent’s Association of America National Chapter Delegates Meeting in Lawrence, Kansas.  Kris is a board member of the Oregon Golf Course Superintendent’s Association and represented the Oregon Chapter at the national delegates meeting.  This was a great opportunity for Kris and is a tribute to his stature among his colleagues.  Kris’ attendance at this national meeting was jointly paid for by the NGCSAA and the OGCSA.  Congratulations to Kris for this very noteworthy honor.

Interview Panel
Water Production Superintendent, Ray Pardee has been asked to serve on the interview panel to select the new Water Treatment Plant Superintendent for the City of Albany. 

Young Professionals Career Fair Participation
This week, Water Production Superintendent, Ray Pardee and Water Treatment Plant Operator, Sam Haynes will be assisting the Cascades to Coast Subsection of the American Water Works Association in staffing the display booth at the EWEB Headquarters building for the Young Professionals Career Fair.  Ray and Sam will be answering questions and providing information concerning careers in the water treatment field.  It is important to recruit new students and employees into the water treatment field to fill the many critical infrastructure vacancies anticipated over the next several years as the baby-boomer generation continues to retire in large numbers.

Oregon Emergency Management Association (OEMA) Conference
Emergency Manager, Howard Schesser, attended the annual OEMA conference.  Professional development classes were held on debris management, essential facility security, National Guard Civil Support Teams, and volcano awareness presented by the Cascades Volcano Observatory.  There were also presentations at the conference on the future of emergency management; updates from the Oregon Emergency Management; all emergency planning for schools; the Boston bombing investigation and Public Health preparedness.

Notice of Planning Commission Vacancies
The City of Cottage Grove Planning Commission will have two terms expiring at the end of this year.  Incumbents are eligible to reapply.  The Commissioners are appointed by the City Council.  The Planning Commission meets twice a month on Wednesday evenings.  Anyone interested in applying for these positions can get a Planning Commission application at the Community Development Department at City Hall or online at:   The deadline for receiving applications is Monday, November 10th at Noon. For further information please contact the Community Development Department at 942-3340.

Notice of Historic Landmark Commission Vacancies
The City of Cottage Grove Historic Landmark Commission has two positions open for recruitment. The Commissioners are appointed by the City Council.  The Historic Landmark Commission meets once a month on an as needed basis in the evening.  Anyone interested in applying for this position can get a Historic Landmark Commission application at the Community Development Department in City Hall or on line at: Landmark Commissioner Application.pdf.  Applicants must have a demonstrated positive interest, knowledge, or competence in historic preservation.  The deadline for receiving applications is Monday, November 10th at Noon.  For further information please contact the Community Development Department at 942-3340.

Downtown Refinement Plan Update
The Planning Commission at their regular meeting on October 15th heard additional testimony on the Downtown Refinement Plan.  The public hearing was closed and the Commission will consider all of the information in the record at a special Planning Commission meeting to be held on Wednesday, November 5th in Council Chambers at 7 pm. It is anticipated that the Planning Commission will make a recommendation to Council at this meeting.

Police Lose Drug Dog Bo
On October 14th, Officer Bates found his partner, “Bo,” the Labrador Police narcotics dog, unresponsive in the vehicle kennel.  Bo had been working and was in the kennel area of Officer Bates patrol vehicle where he was found. There were no apparent signs of foul play, however he has been taken to OSU Veterinarian School for a post mortem exanimation for the cause of death. Our sympathy goes out to Officer Bates for the loss of his partner.

Reserve Officer Resigns
Reserve Police Officer, Marcus Sutherland, has resigned from the Police Department to accept a job with Bi-Mart in the Portland area. We wish him the best and thank him for his service since August, 2011.

October is Fire Prevention Month - 10 Home Fire Safety Tips
Remember October is Fire Prevention Month. The U.S. Fire Administration reports that fires kill more than 4,000 Americans each year and approximately injure 20,000 more.  U.S. fire departments respond to nearly 2 million fires each year, with three-quarters of them occurring in residences.

A home is often referred to as a safe haven.  This month, make sure your home is protected from (and your family is prepared for) a fire.  Here are 10 simple tips to help you avoid fires and reduce the risk of injury should one occur:

1)      Smoke Alarms – These are still a very important addition to your home.  Smoke alarms are widely available and inexpensive.  Install a smoke alarm in every room of your home and test it monthly.

2)      Prevent Electrical Fires – Don’t overload circuits or extension cords.  Cords and wires should never be placed under rugs or in high traffic areas.  Avoid loose electrical connections by checking the fit of the plug in the wall outlet.  If the plug loosely fits, inspect the outlet right away.  A poor connection between the plug and the outlet can cause overheating and can start a fire in minutes.

3)      Keep Plugs Safe – Unplug all appliances when not in use.  Follow the manufacturer’s safety precautions and use your senses to spot any potential disasters.  If a plug is overheating, smells strange, shorts out or sparks – the appliance should be shut off immediately, then replaced or repaired.

4)      Alternate Heaters – Make sure there is ample space around any portable heating unit.  Anything that could catch fire should be at least three feet away.  Inspect your chimney annually and use fire screens to help keep any fires in the fireplace.

5)      Fire Safety Sprinklers – When combined with working smoke alarms, home fire sprinklers greatly increase your chance of surviving a fire.  Sprinklers are affordable and they can increase property value and lower insurance rates.

6)      Create An Escape Route – Create and practice your escape plan with your family from every room in the house.  Practice staying low to the floor and checking for hot doors using the back of your hand.  It’s just like a routine school fire drill – but in your home.

7)      Position Appliances Carefully – Try to keep TV sets, kitchen and other appliances away from windows with curtains.  If there is a wiring problem, curtains can spread a fire quickly.  Additionally, keeping your appliances away from water sources (like rain coming in from windows) can help prevent wiring damage which can lead to a fire.

8)      Clean Dryer Vents – Clothes dryers often start fires in residential areas.  Clean the lint filter every time you start a load of clothes to dry or after the drying cycle is complete.  Make sure your exhaust duct is made of metal tubing and not plastic or foil.  Clean the exhaust duct with a good quality dryer vent brush to prevent blockage & check for lint build up behind the dryer at least twice a year.

9)      Be Careful Around the Holidays – If you fill your home with lights during the holiday season, keep them away from anything that can easily catch fire.  Check all of your lights prior to stringing them up and dispose of anything with frayed or exposed wires.

10)   Conduct Regular Inspections – Check all of your electronic equipment and wiring at least once a month.  Taking a little time to do this each month can really pay off.

Following these simple tips could potentially save your life or the life of a loved one.  Pass this list on to your friends and family and make this fire prevention month count.

Quote of the Week
    “Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences.”

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