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September 12, 2014

Yard of the Week
This week the Yard of the Week is located at 1640 Bohemia Place. Thank you for the great nominations this week. The season is winding down but there still are some spectacular yards that should be recognized.

Movie at the Fire House
Next Friday, September 19th South Lane County Fire and Rescue is sponsoring a movie and Fire Prevention Fair at the Cottage Grove Fire Station beginning at 6:00 pm. The Police Department will also be participating in the event to share public safety information. So stop by, bring the kids, meet Sparky, learn some valuable safety tips and watch a great movie.

Economic Development Summit
The Cottage Grove Community Development Corporation will be holding the 2014 Cottage Grove Economic Development Summit on Tuesday, October 14th at noon at the Village Green Resort. The summit will include a report on area economic development activities and programs and discussions on efforts underway. The cost for the summit is $20 and increases to $25 after October 7. City Councilors that wish to attend should contact the City Recorder so she can get you registered for the summit.

Covered Bridges, Bikes, Quilts, Art and the Armory
September 20th will be an exciting day as the Cottage Grove Covered Bridge Festival kicks off with all kind of fun ranging from the Cycle the Lakes bike ride, a quilt and art show in the Armory and an open house including tours of the historic Cottage Grove Armory. The Armory Tours will be conducted by members of the Cottage Grove Youth Advisory Council with some help from others. Tours will be run from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

City Hall Day
The Mayor and City of Cottage Grove hosted elected local elected officials from the area, Senator Prozanski, Representative Holvey and legislative candidate Brandon Boertje for a City Hall Day event at the Community Center. The event provided an excellent opportunity for local elected officials to meet the legislators and candidates and discuss items of interest for the upcoming legislative session.

Errant Golf Balls
This week, Professional Golf Ball Services (PGBS) removed approximately 10,000 golf balls from the #4 pond that wandered off the course over the last few years. The ponds at Middlefield Golf Course were last cleaned of errant golf balls around eight to ten years ago. PGBS will pay the City 3 cents per ball for the golf balls removed. Divers in wetsuits using a ground-mounted air supply, enter the ponds and scoop up the golf balls. PGBS collects the old golf balls and refurbishes them for resale. The longer a golf ball sits under water, the more difficult it is to refurbish. PGBS will be back in October to finish collecting the remaining golf balls from pond #4, remove the golf balls from pond #18 and collect the few golf balls thought to be in ponds #10 and #11.

Corps Begins Drawdown of Local Reservoirs
The US Army Corps of Engineers has begun the annual drawdown of water levels at Cottage Grove and Dorena Reservoirs in preparation for the upcoming winter storms. Flows from Cottage Grove Reservoir have increased from 55 cubic fee1t per second (cfs) to 155 cfs and flows from Dorena Reservoir have been increased from 104 cfs to 398 cfs.

Middlefield Golf Course Comfort Station Repairs Now Complete
The structural repairs to the Middlefield Golf Course comfort station, which is located on the 15th fairway, are now complete. The Middlefield comfort station sustained significant damage during last February’s ice, snow, and wind storms. The comfort station had a 12 foot and 26 foot beam replaced, along with associated roof supports and roofing material. Primer and paint is coming.

Gibbs Building Swimming Pool Repairs
The heating apparatus for the swimming pool at the Gibbs Building recently failed. Public Works ordered a new heating unit and it was installed last week. While the pool was closed for the repair of the heater, it was noted that grout was missing from several areas around the pool. The grout is currently being replaced and the pool will be back in service in another 2-3 weeks.

Bike Path Crack Repairs
The City owns and maintains the Row River bike path from Trail Head Park to the Mosby Creek Trail Head. From the Mosby Creek Trail Head to Culp Creek, the bike path is under the control of the Bureau of Land Management. Beginning in July of this year, the City assumed mowing and maintenance responsibility for the BLM’s section of the bike path via a cooperative agreement. During mowing operations this summer, it was noted that three sections of the bike path had developed large cracks, 2-4 inches wide, several inches deep, and 12-25 feet long. These cracks are wide and deep enough to catch a bicycle tire and cause a bad spill. This week, the Public Works Utilities Crew traveled up-river on the trail and filled these cracks with asphalt patch.

Autumn Home Maintenance Safety Tips
Fall is the time for yard clean-ups and readying your house for the cold winter ahead. Keep these safety tips in mind as you work.

    Look Up Before Pruning Trees
If you have decided that your yard needs to be spruced up by trimming your trees, be sure to look up and survey the area carefully before you start. Make careful note of where power lines are located before you set up your ladder so that it is positioned away from them.
    Use Caution on Ladders
Wearing appropriate footwear is important when using a ladder; shoes or boots may be wet, causing you to slip as you climb the ladder. The ladder should be positioned on a flat surface before use. Be sure that the tools you are using are specifically designed for this purpose and are in good condition before starting work.
    Clean Up Fallen Leaves
Keep your driveway and walkway clear of falling leaves. Wet leaves can create a hazard for pedestrians in the fall by making sidewalks slippery. Later in the season, snow may mix with leaves to increase the risk of falling. Homeowners should mulch or rake up fallen leaves and dispose of them according to local bylaws.
    Safely Enjoy the Beauty of the Season
By keeping these important fall safety tips in mind, you can be sure you are doing everything you can to protect yourself and your family from seasonal dangers. This will leave your mind free to enjoy the beauty of this glorious season.
Story Time at the Library
The Cottage Grove Public Library welcomes everyone to Story Time for Tots every Friday at 10:30 am. Please join us for stories, music and crafts.

    Quote of the Week
            “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
                    ~George Bernard Shaw – Irish Playwright~

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