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August 28, 2015

Yard of the Week
This week the Yard of the Week Prize Patrol awarded the Yard of the Week to the home at 1765 Clark.  The yard is a very exciting yard with a wealth of vegetation and yard art that makes the yard really something to admire.  Only 4 more weeks of the 18th season of the Yard of the Week are left.   The Yard of the Week ends the last full week of September.   If you see any yard that has not been recognized in the last two years be sure to get the address nominated for the award. 

Bohemia Amphitheater Concerts
Next week there will be three concerts in the Bohemia Park Amphitheater.  Starting on Monday, August 31st the Living Faith Assembly is sponsoring a concert for youth from 7:00 to 9:00 pm with Christian Rock/HipHop artist MANAFEST, Wednesday is the weekly Chamber of Commerce Concert in the park from 6:30 to 8:00 pm with the performers Left of Yellow and then on Saturday, Western Oregon Opry, KSOW Real Rural Radio and Cougar Mountain Farm will be sponsoring a concert of a variety of local musicians.  Watch for more information about times for this concert. 

Covered Bridge Festival
Next weekend join the festivities at All-America City Square and the Armory to celebrate the annual Covered Bridge Festival.  Cottage Grove is the Covered Bridge Capital of The West and host of the annual Oregon Covered Bridge Festival, a family-friendly event in the Historic Downtown District.  It features a three-day Quilt & Art Show in the 1930’s-era Armory. The Covered Bridge Appreciation Day on Saturday, September 5th is from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and features live music and $10 guided bus tours to visit the six local bridges, which include the only covered railroad bridge west of the Mississippi River.  The Quilt Show hours are: Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm; and Monday, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Admission is free.  For additional information call (541)942-0046.

Police Chief Retirement
Police Chief Mike Grover announced today his retirement from the City of Cottage Grove effective Saturday, September 5th.  He has been with the City since April 1983.   He was made Interim Chief in November 1991 and appointed as Chief the following October.  In addition to his 32 years of service in Cottage Grove he served with Lane County and Lakewood, Colorado.  In all he has over 46 years of service in law enforcement.  His expertise and integrity will be missed.  Congratulations to Mike and enjoy your retirement. 

Police Chief Appointment
The City Manager has appointed Commander Scott Shepherd as Interim Police Chief.  Scott Shepherd has been with the department since July, 1994.

September is National Preparedness Month
Are you prepared? During September, each Friday Update will include information on personal and family preparedness. 

This week we are starting with:
Your family may not be together when disaster strikes, so plan how you will contact one another. Think about how you will communicate in different situations.  Complete a contact card for each adult family member. Have them keep these cards handy in a wallet, purse or briefcase, etc. Additionally, complete contact cards for each child in your family. Put the cards in their backpacks or book bags.  Check with your children’s day care or school. Facilities designed for children should include identification planning as part of their emergency plans.

Family Communication Tips
Identify a contact such as a friend or relative who lives out-of-state for household members to notify they are safe. It may be easier to make a long-distance phone call than to call across town, so an out-of-town contact may be in a better position to communicate among separated family members.

Be sure every member of your family knows the phone number and has a cell phone, coins or a prepaid phone card to call the emergency contact. If you have a cell phone, program that person(s) as "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) in your phone. If you are in an accident, emergency personnel will often check your ICE listings in order to get a hold of someone you know. Make sure to tell your family and friends that you’ve listed them as emergency contacts.
Teach family members how to use text messaging (also known as SMS or Short Message Service). Text messages can often get around network disruptions when a phone call might not be able to get through.

In Lane County sign up now for ALERT ME! to receive emergency notifications to your cell phone or VoIP phone at:                 

Library Summer Camp Success
The Cottage Grove Public Library completed exciting summer filled adventure day camps for kids and teens last Friday. The final Kids Adventure trip took youth ages 7-12 to the Science Factory, Planetarium, Minion’s Movie, Autzen Stadium for lunch and a private tour including free play on the field. And the day ended at Amazon Pool for an afternoon of aquatic fun. It was a great trip for all and an exciting way to end a great summer of amazing outdoor adventures for Cottage Grove Kids. Special thanks to all of the Library and Community Center Staff who worked so hard to make the summer trips happen: Angela, Colleen, Valarie, Polly, Deanna, Teresa and a huge special thanks to all of the parent and teen volunteers who helped on the trips. Great Job Everyone.

Summer Reading Success
The Cottage Grove Public Library Summer Reading Program ended and the numbers are inspiring: 325 children participated and they read over 2500 hours in 10 weeks. During the Summer Reading Program the Library hosted 51 programs and special events attended by over 1400 people (and dogs).  Awesome job Library Staff.

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…..
The summer season seems to bring with it a plethora of yard sale, garage sale, for sale, lost pet, event, and celebration signs of various sizes and shapes.  Most of these signs seem to end-up on telephone poles, street light poles, junction boxes, traffic regulatory signs, other public and private buildings and structures, and in the public right-of-way.  Currently, the downtown area is covered by a wide variety of these types of signs.  The Police and Public Works Departments constantly remove real estate signs and garage/yard sale signs that are in the public right-of-way.  The City’s volunteer graffiti removal team is expanding their scope of services to include the removal of signs attached to utility poles, buildings, structures, and regulatory signs.  Many of the signs are left over from events that have long passed.  Removing these signs is a time consuming job that takes staff and volunteers away from more productive endeavors.  Citizens are reminded that signs are not allowed in the public right-of-way or on utility poles, regulatory signs, public buildings and structures, or utility junction boxes.  If you did place signs, please remove them once your advertised event is over…..blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind”.

Membrane Workshop
On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Water Production Superintendent, Ray Pardee and Public Works Director, Jan Wellman attended a Northwest Membrane Operator Association sponsored workshop in Arch Cape.  The workshop was attended by membrane plant operators and manufacturer’s representatives serving the northwest Oregon area.  The workshop included a tour of the Arch Cape water and sanitary district’s membrane facilities.  Morning session topics covered MBR basics and start-up, rural and small municipality MBR operations, and impacts of an under loaded MBR start-up and operation.  The afternoon sessions included a presentation by the Oregon Health Authority, Drinking Water Program covering membrane performance measures and HMI/SCADA interface improvements.  Other sessions included retrofit options for small systems, ultra-filtration for small scale applications, and considerations and case studies for ultra-filtration in small-scale applications.

Quote of the Week
        “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”
                ~Theodore Roosevelt~

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