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August 29, 2014

Yard of the Week
This week the Yard of the Week is located at 1404 W. Main Street.  The 2014 Yard of the Week season ends the last full week of September.  So there are only four more weeks to submit your nomination for yards that deserve this recognition.  Lately, we have been getting nominations for yards that are deserving of the Yard of the Week award, however in the interest to encourage participation a yard can only win once every two years. 

Youth Advisory Council
The Cottage Grove Youth Advisory Council will not be meeting on Monday because of the Labor Day holiday.  They will be scheduling another date to meet and discuss recruitment opportunities for the 2014-15 YAC. 

Wastewater Influent Pump Repair and Maintenance
This week, Public Works rented a large truck-mounted crane to pull the three influent pumps at the Wastewater Treatment Plant to inspect and perform routine maintenance on those pumps.  The large pumps weigh in excess of one ton each.  The impeller was replaced on one of the 75 horsepower pumps and all three pumps had the clearance adjusted on the impeller.  The influent pumps consist of two 75 hp pumps and one 25 hp pump.  These pumps work in concert and adjust to the amount of flow coming into the plant.  A pump manufacturer’s representative was on-site to inspect each pump, perform routine maintenance, and make repairs as needed.  This service is performed in late summer of each year to take advantage of low flows and in preparation for the much heavier winter flows into the plant.

Articulating Loader
This week, the Cottage Grove City Council approved the purchase of an articulating loader to be used at the Wastewater Treatment Plant to load sludge.  Wastewater Treatment Plant personnel load one or two trucks per week with sludge, for transport to a DEQ approved disposal facility near Sutherlin.  The amount of sludge produced at the plant fluctuates seasonally; more during the winter months and less in summer.  The new loader pivots in the middle and is much more maneuverable working inside the sludge barn.  Currently, sludge is loaded with a tractor-mounted loader that is thirty years old and at the end of its serviceable life.  The loader is a John Deere with a Yanmar diesel engine that produces 64 horsepower.  The unit was ordered with a 1.4 cubic yard bucket and a set of pallet forks.  Delivery timeline is 60 to 90 days from now.  The loader was acquired through the State of Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program.

Quote of the Week
    “In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.”
                    ~Les Brown~

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