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July 24, 2015

Yard of the Week
This week the Yard of the Week is located 1531 Chamberlain Avenue and is a great example of a yard that uses a minimum amount of water while still maintaining a very attractive appearance. 

Eugene Symphony
A great big “thank you” to everyone who helped with the Eugene Symphony Concert on Monday.    The Public Works crew did an amazing job.  The soldiers from the 2nd Battalion 162nd were irreplaceable.  The VFW and American Legion, table sponsors and Chamber of Commerce all combined to make the event spectacular.   Additionally, a big “thank you” to Maestro Danail Rachev and the wonderful musicians for coming to Cottage Grove and sharing their remarkable talents.  Discussions are underway to have the symphony back next year.

Hot Chili and Hot Cars
This weekend the weather is supposed to be a little cooler than last weekend and it should be perfect to check out the Rock, Roll and Rumble car show and cruise.  It will also be perfect to try a little chili at the Chamber of Commerce Chili cookoff.   All this excitement will be happening in beautiful downtown Cottage Grove.  So come on down and experience this great annual event.  The car show is from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and the will be starting at 6:30 pm. 

The Mayors are Coming, The Mayors are Coming!
Next week Mayors from around the State will be coming to Cottage Grove for the Annual Oregon Mayors Summer Conference to be held here in Cottage Grove.  Everyone in Cottage Grove can be a part of the conference by attending the Art Walk on Friday, July 31st.  The Art Walk is being called the “Super Art Walk” because of all the activities and groups that are involved.  The Mayors will be downtown for the Super Art Walk from 4:30 to 6:00pm.   Be sure to come downtown and welcome the Mayors to Cottage Grove.

Summer Water Supply
This week marks the midway point for the summer irrigation season.  Overall, the Willamette Reservoir System is only 39% full, with Cottage Grove Reservoir at 47% full and Dorena Reservoir at 77% full.  These amounts last year were 79%, 88%, and 81%, respectively.  Releases from the two local dams are significantly exceeding inflow and are about twice the minimum flows established for fish passage.  The Coast Fork Willamette River is flowing at 93 cubic feet per second and is controlled by the Cottage Grove Dam.  The Row River is flowing at 207 cubic feet per second and is controlled by Dorena Dam.  The City of Cottage Grove draws 100% of its domestic water from the Row River.  The US Army Corps of Engineers usually begins draining the reservoirs, in anticipation of the fall/winter rainy season, shortly after Labor Day weekend.  However this year, Cottage Grove and Dorena Reservoirs are being used to improve the main stem Willamette River flows further north.  The Row River Water Treatment Plant is currently operating 20-22 hours a day producing 2.0-2.3 million gallons per day, depending on demand.

Row River Trail Mile Markers
From the Mosby Creek Trail Head to the top of the Row River Trail, there are mile markers every one-half mile.  Many of the numeric discs, mounted on posts, have either fallen off or been pried off.  The Public Works Department recently ordered 64 replacement mile marker discs to replace those that are damaged, faded, or missing.  Initially, the discs will be replaced on the existing mile marker posts between Mosby Creek Trailhead and the top of the Row River Trail.  Later on, the City will install posts and discs along the City’s portion of the Trail, between Trail Head Park and the Mosby Creek Trail Head.  The bike path is 16 miles in length, with 3 miles under the ownership of the City and 13 miles under the ownership of the BLM.  Bicycle enthusiasts have stated that they like the mile markers to keep track of progress on the Trail.

Quote of the Week
        “America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”
                ~Harry S Truman~

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