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September 26, 2014

Yard of the Week
With the end of summer also comes the close of the 2014 Yard of the Week.  The final Yard of the Week for the season is at 1030 Tyler.  Congratulations to all the 2014 Yard of the Week winners and thank you to those recipients for the efforts they make to beautify the community.  There are many other residences that were nominated that also make significant contributions to the community.  An honorable mention goes to 1645 Curry Avenue. The Yard of the Week prize patrol wishes that they could recognize every yard. 

League of Oregon Cities Conference
The Mayor, Councilors Boone, Murphy and Price and the City Manager joined other City officials from around the State at the League of Oregon Cities Conference in Eugene starting Thursday.  The Annual Conference brings together local government officials to share ideas and learn new skills to improve the ability to address issues facing communities.  As a part of the conference offerings, the City of Cottage Grove conducted a tour focused on historic preservation.  Over 25 delegates of the conference joined the tour which visited the Chambers Covered Railroad Bridge, the Cottage Grove Armory and learned about the City’s Historic Preservation element and Historic Preservation partners.  Thank you to staff that participated and helped make the tour a success. 

Soccer Golf Kick-off
Middlefield Golf Course and the City of Cottage Grove are excited to announce the kick-off of Soccer Golf at Middlefield Golf Course.  Soccer Golf will be available daily after 1:00 pm at Middlefield Golf Course starting Monday, October 6th.  Join us and the Chamber of Commerce at 12:30 pm on Monday, October 6th for a special ribbon cutting for the new course. 

Then be sure to join us on Saturday, October 11th for the Middlefield Soccer Golf Kick-off from noon to 2:00 pm.  Bring the family and try out soccer golf for free, enjoy free hot dogs and sodas and maybe win a prize.  Soccer Golf is easy to play and fun for all ages and just about anyone can play. 

The 9-hole Middlefield Soccer golf course will be open daily after 1:00 pm.  Rates are $5.00/ player or $15 for a family (up to 8 people).  If you don’t have your own ball you can rent a ball for $3.00.   Four players can easily complete a 9-hole round in less than 1 hour.  

Soccer Golf is a growing international sport that basically combines golf and soccer.  Soccer Golf is played using many of the same rules of traditional golf but is played by kicking a soccer ball into a hole with the fewest number of kicks (strokes) as possible.  Players kick-off at specially designated tees to a special hole ranging from 50 to 175 yards away (shorter than traditional golf holes).  It is a great way to get outside, enjoy fresh air, visit with friends and get some exercise.  It generally plays faster than traditional golf and no special equipment is necessary.  Players can bring their own soccer ball or rent a ball at the course.  

Golfers can now have the choice of three types of golf; traditional, disc and kick or soccer golf.  

Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders (OAMR)
The City Recorder attended the Annual OAMR Academy and Conference September 17th through 19th in Bend. The Annual Academy “Leadership Lessons of Dr. Seuss” highlighted the fun and inspirational ties between Dr. Seuss’ lessons and local leadership.  Other sessions included ordinance and resolution drafting and usage, parliamentary procedures, ergonomics for the office and strategic planning for records management.  The City Recorder received scholarships from OAMR to attend.

Finance Department Hires Part-Time Finance Clerk
The Finance Department has filled a part-time Finance Clerk position. We want to welcome Ms. Vonnie Rowling to our staff.  She has been working in the banking field for the past several years.  We are very excited to have her aboard as we enter the audit season. 

Regional Springbrook Software User’s Group Meeting
The Finance Director attended the first meeting of the Southern Oregon Springbrook Software User’s Group, hosted by the City of Central Point.  Springbrook Software representatives were there and provided information and training on various software modules, including how to use support services. Rheta Hogan with the City of Yreka, California, was also present.  She serves as a Board Member with the Springbrook National User Group, “SNUG”.  It was a great opportunity for networking with other communities.   

Oregon Population Forecast Program
Community Development Director Schesser and City Planner Ferguson attended a regional workshop in Roseburg introducing the new Oregon Population Forecast Program put on by the Population Forecast Program Team from the Portland State University, Population Research Center.  The new methods to prepare population forecasts is the result of state law changes addressing concerns that the population forecasts were not being conducting consistently throughout the state.  The meeting covered the following topics:  the forecast process; demographic changes and trends, local input about the area, forecast methodology and the rationale for forecast assumptions.  The coordinated populations are used in various planning documents and for various state and federal loans and grants for public infrastructure.  The forecasts will be for 50 years at five year intervals.  The state has been divided up into three regions (see map).  We are in Region #1 (Central and Southern Oregon) and will be first to go through the new coordinated population process.

The time schedule for Cottage Grove is:
        October, 2014        Data collection & local surveys completed.                   
        November, 2014    Additional data collected
        January, 2015        Preliminary Forecasts prepared
        February, 2015    Preliminary Forecasts released
        March, 2015        Proposed Forecasts Issued & Review/Appeal Period Begins
        June, 2015        Issued Final Population Forecast (effective July 1st)

The eventual forecast will include U.S. Census date of 2010, 2014, 2015 and every five years after until 2064.  In October of 2019 Region 1 will again go through the process and have new updated coordinated populations.  This will allow the city to provide new information on developments and employment that occur after the population issued in 2014 and more accurately reflect our portion of the County population.  This new process will provide for a more coordinated accurate and timely process for population forecasting across the state using the same methodology.

Oregon City Planning Directors Association (OCPDA)
The Community Development Director attended the annual meeting of the Oregon City Planning Directors Association held as a part of the LOC conference.  The session covered review of the LCDC Strategic Work Plan, legislative update, Board vacancies and Planning Commissioner training.

South Lane Wheels Board Meeting
The monthly board meeting of South Lane Wheels was attended by Howard Schesser who acts as an advisor to the Board on behalf of the City.  The Board appointed three new board members: Stephanie Cumpton, Jon Cumpton and John Koester who took their seats immediately.  Discussion was held on the budget as this is the time of year the organization borrows from their own funds until federal and state grants are received later in October.  The Oregon Transit Association conference will be held in Seaside in October.

Police Department Training
Chief Grover and Commander Shepherd attended the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police Fall Leadership Conference in Salem, September 24th and 25th. Legislators from around the State joined the conference for “law enforcement sensitive briefing.” The briefing focused on school safety and the balance between privacy and safety (with presentation on electronic communications, human trafficking and child pornography interdiction. The purpose was to educate legislators on a few critical public safety issues.

Commander Gagner attended the first session of the Organizational Leadership and Management Academy at the Oregon Public Safety Academy in Salem, September 22nd through the 26th. The leadership course is designed to turbo charge skills and gets new management on track with leading followers, leading teams and leading organizations.

Quote of the Week
    “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”
                    ~Dr. Seuss~

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